Win at Diplomacy
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Win at Diplomacy

by Erik van Mechelen

You've been invited to play Diplomacy with friends or colleagues and you don't want to look foolish. That should be easy enough: in everyday life and the office you're smart and confident.

So no, avoiding coming across as an imbecile is not enough. You want a crack at winning.

Every standard game of Diplomacy features 7 players, so you are unlikely to win. If all your opponents are of equal ability, the odds are 6:1 against you. Your chances of winning are barely 14%.

Let's improve your chances by leveling up your competence.

How to Win at Diplomacy is written by one of the top players in Minnesota, Erik van Mechelen, who won Player of the Year honors in the inaugural season of the MN Diplomacy Club in 2019, a face-to-face Diplomacy organization which plays Thursday and Saturday games in Minneapolis and St Paul.

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